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AI in construction: From slow start to fast track

In this episode, we explore how artificial intelligence, and the next generation of digitalization and automation, are helping the development and construction industry to reduce its environmental and climate impact.

“This is like a marathon without ending. And if you’re not running you’re late. Because a lot of your competitors are learning and running, and you better catch up,” says Mehdi Nourbakhsh, CEO at YegaTech. He tells us how we can accelerate uptake and find ways to use this emerging force for good by helping the industry reduce its environmental and climate impact.  


Emma Viklund is Innovation Lead at Skanska Group: “For me it is quite an experience seeing what AI is and how it can contribute to our old-fashioned industry. We have a great possibility to move quickly now and the company that builds the strongest partnership and creates a good collaboration with customers and the value change and society is the one that is going to be successful.” Although the industry has taken longer than others to adopt AI, Emma examines how it is working hard to catch up and looks at areas where AI is already making a difference. 


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This episode’s guests: 


Emma Viklund
Innovation Lead at Skanska Group. 


Mehdi Nourbakhsh
CEO at YegaTech, and author of Augment It: How Architecture, Engineering and Construction Leaders Leverage Data and Artificial Intelligence to Build a Sustainable Future.