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About Us

Welcome to Foresight, a platform for knowledge and insights, opinion and inspiration about how we can work together to shape sustainable places to support healthy living beyond our lifetime.

As well as being a platform for insightful articles by Skanska and guest writers, Foresight is also the home of Shaping Sustainable Places, our new podcast.  


Shaping Sustainable Places brings together leading minds for practical discussions around solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges within sustainable construction, urban planning and more.  


The biggest challenges require the biggest solutions, and in our discussions with industry and civic leaders, researchers and other key players, we will be highlighting innovations that are already being implemented and making a difference. 


We hope you find these discussions as exciting and inspiring as we do, as together we examine key trends and challenges in construction and development, transport, urban planning and much more. These are some of the most important conversations we can have.