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This is where we bring together expert insights, knowledge and foresight about shaping a more sustainable built environment. It is also the home of our podcast, Shaping Sustainable Places, where we speak with industry and civic leaders about the solutions and projects making a difference today.


Decarbonizing construction

On the road to more sustainable asphalt

Well-built roads keep society functioning, allowing us to travel across town – or across the nation. Unfortunately, the construction of asphalt roads has traditionally relied on fossil-fuel products and produced significant carbon emissions. Now, a new approach to producing asphalt is cutting its climate impact.

Smart solutions needed when every drop counts

Water is the lifeblood of our planet, a precious resource that faces unprecedented threats due to climate change and rapid urbanization. Its responsible management and conservation are crucial not only for human survival but also for the health and vitality of ecosystems worldwide.

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How can we address the biggest challenges in the built environment? How can we reduce carbon emissions, make our communities more resilient to the effects of climate change, create offices and homes that make us feel healthier and more included. Read more about these and other big ideas from Skanska and guest writers.

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