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Shaping Sustainable Places is a podcast about climate and the built environment, the construction and development industry, and their impact on the places where we all live, work and connect. In each episode, we speak with industry leaders and other champions of change to explore innovative solutions to real challenges.

Bridging boundaries


Building bridges has long been a metaphor for connecting people and communities. Maintaining these bridges is just as important for ensuring these vital connections endure and continue connecting people for centuries ahead. In this episode, we explore two exciting bridge projects.


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Electric advantage: the quieter building site


Is it realistic to believe that the construction sites of the future will be completely fossil fuel free? In this episode, we examine the benefits of electrifying construction sites and the challenges of achieving net-zero emissions.


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How good is wood? The case for mass timber


Many architects agree that there are advantages to building in mass timber. Trees bind carbon, wooden buildings have shorter construction time, and timber offers superior insulation. So what’s impeding the material’s widespread adoption? Is it really all good with wood? In this episode we explore if mass timber can be a game changer for the industry.


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From Scope to Action


Before 2001 there were no global standardized frameworks to measure and manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from private and public sector operations, value chains and mitigation actions. 


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Pushing the limits of circularity


Circularity is one of the most effective strategies for reducing Scope 3 emissions in the construction industry. So how can we push the limits of circularity?


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AI in construction: From slow start to fast track


In this episode, we explore how artificial intelligence, and the next generation of digitalization and automation, are helping the development and construction industry to reduce its environmental and climate impact.


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To Build or to Rebuild, That is the Question


In this episode of Shaping Sustainable Places, we discuss what is best: to refurbish an old building and bring it up to modern standards, or knock it down and construct a new low-carbon building instead? Both sides have their pros and cons.


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Resilience: protecting our cities from a changing climate


Hurricanes, storms, heatwaves and heavy rain due to climate change are presenting new challenges for communities around the world. Farsighted cities are taking actions now to protect themselves from these sorts of hazards.


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The future of housing? It’s here today


Welcome to season two of our podcast Shaping Sustainable Places. We’re here to recognize, encourage and inspire stakeholders in the industry and beyond to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, resilient, zero-carbon built environment. In each episode, we’ll be speaking with industry and civic leaders, policymakers and other champions of change to explore innovative solutions to real challenges.


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How can we address the biggest challenges in the built environment? How can we reduce carbon emissions, make our communities more resilient to the effects of climate change, create offices and homes that make us feel healthier and more included. Read more about these and other big ideas from Skanska and guest writers.