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Pushing the limits of circularity

Circularity is one of the most effective strategies for reducing Scope 3 emissions in the construction industry. So how can we push the limits of circularity?

In this episode of Shaping Sustainable Places, we visit Prague, capital of Czechia, where we find a perfect example of circularity in action. An office building from 1971 is being dismantled rather than demolished, with up to 80 percent of the recovered materials living on and being used in other projects.  
Martin Zemánek, Skanska Commercial Development Europe, is Project Manager for the Mercury project: “This project is something unique: it is all about circularity and minimizing the environmental footprint. It is a story we will be talking about for quite some time.” 
Circularity is also an important way for property developers to achieve their climate goals. Gustaf Lilliehöök is a partner with the investment platform Urban Partners, which focuses on making cities more sustainable: “Scaling up circularity requires a completely new business model in the construction industry.” 
Urban Partners' real estate investment company Nrep has been building with circular solutions for more than ten years and is behind the real estate projects Upcycle Studios and Resource Rows in Copenhagen, which have circularity and recycling at their heart.   


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This episode’s guests: 


 Martin Zemánek, Project Manager for the Mercury project.   
Gustaf Lilliehöök, partner with Urban Partners, which focuses on making cities more sustainable