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Building momentum: top trends in sustainability

There are some successful building projects that highlight the global trend towards urban sustainability and the impact of sustainable building design.

To find out what it takes to design, construct and operate such a building, we take a closer look at Hyllie Terrass in Malmö, one of the most sustainable office buildings in Sweden. Åsa Johansson, Project Developer with Skanska, says the team behind the building worked systematically to minimize CO2 emissions, making smart choices such as selecting low-impact materials, implementing energy-efficient systems, reducing or even eliminating waste, and creating healthy indoor environments. 

“We were looking at everything: not just the large CO2 contributors, the concrete and the steel, [but] even the textile carpets or handles for the doors – it's the same process.”

The world is shifting towards a more sustainable built environment. So what have been the major trends in the sustainable project development and construction space over the past year?

As we look back over our first two seasons of the podcast, we brought back a favorite guest, Lena Hök, Executive Vice President for Sustainability and Innovation with Skanska Group. Lena sees two main trends really impacting the industry right now.

”The two major trends are decarbonization as well as digitalization. When it comes to decarbonization, it is a technological shift taking place right now that pushes for new solutions and innovations. And that also ticks into the second trend digitization, which enable better monitoring and steering whatever we build today, so we can optimize the energy and the water efficiency, for the usage of a building, for example.”


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Guest: Åsa Johansson, Project Developer, Skanska in Sweden.

Guest: Lena Hök, Executive Vice President for Sustainability and Innovation with Skanska Group