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The Workplace Where You Want To Be

For many office workers, the post-pandemic years have meant a major transition. The return to the office has meant reintegrating into the social sphere of colleagues and customers, commuting to work, and maybe retiring those very comfortable but not too fashionable track pants. But modern workplaces have raised their game.

Wendy Feldman Block, Executive Manager Director at Savills Northern Virginia office, is focused on providing real estate services to tenants in the region and across the United States. She tells us: “We've seen an “unbelievable amount of change. It's really a paradigm shift. Companies are trying to get people to come back, and one of the paths to do that is to tell them about the sustainability of the office building, as well as focus on wellness.” 

Picture yourself working in a space that’s constructed with your comfort in mind, with cleaner air than your own home, with biophilic design bringing nature indoors, healthy food options, a gym, parking for your bike and even tools for fixing it.  

Katarzyna Zawodna-Bijoch, Business Unit President, Skanska Commercial Development Europe, adds: “The new office focuses on the person, (someone) who is not only sitting at the desk executing routine tasks. We are not working in a factory. We are thinkers. We often solve very complex problems at work. So it needs to start with the basics. Superior air quality with filtration, humidity, which is much better than what you have at home. But it allows you to think sharp, with the proper lighting, acoustics and nature inside the workplace.” 

In this episode of Shaping Sustainable Places, we take a closer look at what it takes to create an office like that, a workplace where you want to be.

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Guest: Wendy Feldman Block, Executive Manager Director at Savills Northern Virginia office, USA. 

Guest: Katarzyna Zawodna-Bijoch, Business Unit President for Skanska Commercial Development Europe