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Bridging boundaries

Building bridges has long been a metaphor for connecting people and communities. Maintaining these bridges is just as important for ensuring these vital connections endure and continue connecting people for centuries ahead. In this episode, we explore two exciting bridge projects.

Amongst the most epic structures found on this planet, bridges are the giants.  But even these marvels of engineering need a little tender loving care, so that they can serve their communities for decades or centuries to come.  In this episode, we explore two exciting bridge projects. 

Skanska is renovating the George Washington Bridge in New York City, the world’s busiest road bridge with 300,000 vehicles crossing every day. We visit the bridge to find out what the challenges are in such a major renovation project.
And with a major investment in solar energy, the Öresund Bridge, connecting Denmark and Sweden, has taken the next step in an ambitious plan to become the world's most sustainable bridge. How far off are they from their goal? 

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This episode’s guests: 
Jen Billand
Senior project manager, Skanska USA Civil 

Bengt Hergart
Property Director with the Öresund Bridge Consortium.