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Powering the net-zero transition

This is Shaping Sustainable Places, a new Skanska podcast. We’re here to recognize, encourage and inspire stakeholders in the industry and beyond to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, resilient, zero-carbon built environment. In each episode, we’ll be speaking with industry and civic leaders, policymakers and other champions of change to explore innovative solutions to real challenges.


Energy is one of the hottest questions as we consider ways to ensure a sustainable future. A clean energy transition is well underway in many countries, with electrification lowering carbon emissions in transport systems as well as construction and development projects. Yet, major challenges remain. How can the built environment play a positive role here? How can energy-positive buildings contribute to reducing a city’s emissions? And how can we plan towns and cities better — and adapt building regulations — to reduce energy needs?"


This episode features Clay Nesler, Founder and CEO of The Nesler Group, LLC, Rune Stene, Managing Director at Powerhouse and Business Developer at Skanska Norway, and Tony Hans, Vice President at CMTA.


Each guest offers their perspective on how currently available resources and technologies can be important assets to save energy and decarbonize the built environment.


  • Clay describes what he calls the “Four Good Deeds” of buildings that can carve a path toward net-zero carbon by 2050.
  • Rune explains how a common goal of decarbonization may require a unique approach for each individual building project.
  • Tony notes how new legislation and changes in building codes are making a sustainable building more financially feasible.


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Today's guests:


  1. Clay Nesler, Founder and CEO of the Nesler Group



  1. Rune Stene, Managing Director at Powerhouse, Business Developer at Skanska Norway



  1. Tony Hans, Vice President at CMTA