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Investing in Sustainability

This is Shaping Sustainable Places, a new Skanska podcast. We’re here to recognize, encourage and inspire stakeholders in the industry and beyond to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, resilient, zero-carbon built environment. In each episode, we’ll be speaking with industry and civic leaders, policymakers and other champions of change to explore innovative solutions to real challenges.


This episode, the last one for this season, features Magnus Persson, EVP and CFO at Skanska Group, and Thorsten Slytå, Managing Director and Head of Nordic Real Estate at BlackRock. Each is working at the forefront of the changing economic landscape relating to sustainability.


  • Thorsten discusses how good investment practice today takes into account the risks of climate change.
  • Magnus describes how investors are incorporating sustainability and climate into their decisions so they can avoid the trap of stranded assets


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This episode’s guests:


Magnus Persson 

Executive Vice President and Group Chief Financial Officer 

Magnus Persson LinkedIn


Thorsten Slytå
Managing Director and Head of Nordic Real Estate

Torsten Slytå LinkedIn