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Future Workplaces: Evolution of the Healthy Office

This is Shaping Sustainable Places, a new Skanska podcast. We’re here to recognize, encourage and inspire stakeholders in the industry and beyond to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable, resilient, zero-carbon built environment. In each episode, we’ll be speaking with industry and civic leaders, policymakers and other champions of change to explore innovative solutions to real challenges.


The Covid-19 pandemic forced a radical shift in our understanding of what a healthy workplace is. Now, as we adapt to the new normal of flexible work, we have an opportunity to shape a more sustainable future for the work environment that prioritizes employee health and wellness.


This episode features Dr. Whitney Austin Gray, Senior Vice President at International WELL Building Institute, Ewelina Kałużna, Head of Strategic Workplace Solutions Advisory CEE at Skanska and Managing Director at Business Link, and Theres Söderlund Lakso, Head of Internal Communications, Business Area Cloud Software & Services at Ericsson. Together, they’re creating a work environment where people want to be, one that incorporates social, environmental and urban sustainability.


  • Whitney describes the impact of poor working environments on mental and physical health, and some workplace best practices for mitigating those negative effects.
  • Ewelina discusses the changing habits and expectations of employees in a post-pandemic world, and how employers can cater to those needs through smart design, for a workplace where employees want to be.
  • Theres expands on specific initiatives her organization is taking to lean into the new future of sustainable workplaces.


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This episode’s guests:


Theres Söderlund Lakso

Head of Internal Communications, Business Area Cloud Software & Services, Ericsson

Theres Söderlund Lakso LinkedIn

Ericsson LinkedIn


Dr. Whitney Austin Gray 

Senior Vice President, International WELL Building Institute

Dr. Whitney Austin Gray LinkedIn

International WELL Building Institute LinkedIn


Ewelina Kałużna

Head of Strategic Workplace Solutions Advisory CEE, Skanska

Managing Director, Business Link

Ewelina Kałużna LinkedIn

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